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Saturday, March 05, 2005



Nino's Pizza
- 131 St. Mark's Pl., East Village
A plain slice of pizza

Finding a good drunk slice is easy, but finding a fantastic one should be a challenge. It should involve checking out every pizzeria in your neighborhood, hoping against hope that this time will be the one. The crust will be crispy, the cheese will be flavorful, the sauce will be properly spiced. It should involve many nights of aimless wandering, into less explored sidestreets, into blocks too far north or south to walk unless you’re inebriated. It should be an adventure, a challenge, a pursuit.

Or it can be on the corner. Along with the many other virtues of my block (see Dinner, Jan. 30), it comes equipped with its own wonderful neighborhood pizzeria. Nino’s is there on your thirsty Thursdays, your foolhardy Fridays and even your why-the-hell-did-I-do-this Mondays, the walk-up window glowing invitingly like an all-accepting friend. The pies come out fresh and fast and the slices come out steaming hot. The crust is just right, providing a great crunch, the cheese is a delicious, gooey mozzarella and the sauce has a great flavor of tomato and oregano. It is a top-notch neighborhood slice for a top-notch neighborhood. It’s perfect drunk or sober, but just a little more perfect drunk. 8/10

Anyway Cafe and Black Currant Vodka

Beet salad and Borscht

Pelmeni and Crepes

Dinner -

Anyway Cafe - 34 E. 2nd St., East Village
Marinated beet salad with blue cheese and walnuts, borscht, crepes with chicken and herb sauce, wild mushroom pelmeni, small carafe of black currant vodka, shot of mango vodka


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