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Monday, March 14, 2005

Mar. 14.

Dinner -

Hummus Place - 109 St. Mark's Pl., East Village
Hummus fool with egg, hummus tahini with egg, mango nectar

Hummus Place continues to be the paradigm against which all other hummus is held up.Vince, Lindsay and I split the previously untried hummus fool (which has a center of fava beans) and the previously loved tahini (see Dinner, Jan. 30). Vince decided that the tahini was his favorite, and if pressed, I’d agree. But the fool was just as melt-in-your-mouth creamy and perfectly balanced, which makes picking favorites an almost unnecessary task. The service was still somebody’s-living-room warm and the Israeli pop tunes played on unabated. Strands of conversation in Hebrew filtered in between beats. At the end of our meal, they told us they were starting a delivery service, but after spending a casual Monday night like this, I think I’ll just keep walking over. 9/10


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