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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mar. 22.

Dinner -

Congee Village - 100 Allen St., Lower East Side
Corn and chicken soup, minced pork buns, chicken and black mushroom congee, Singapore mei fun, a ginger ale

Congee Village is the first restaurant I've been to three times (see Mar. 6, Jan. 16) in three months, and it's no surprise. Every time I'm here, I have a great time for a pittance. Interestingly, of all the times I've been here, this marked the first I was visiting it for dinner. The only differences though were the fifteen minute wait and the bigger crowd inhabiting the bar room. Service remained friendly, the food remained wonderful and unique, and the atmosphere remained fun.

Since I went with Vince, we were able to get more food and split everything. Every course turned out to be a hit. The corn and chicken soup was delightful, with a pleasant egg base and lots of corn kernels and pieces of chicken. The minced pork buns were giant beanbags of flavorful dough and ground pork. The chicken and black mushroom congee was just as good, with its infusion of ginger slivers, as the lobster version. Even the Singapore mei fun, which I was slightly nervous about because the restaurant isn't known for their noodle dishes, was executed very well. It wasn't as much of a standout, just because I've had similarly good renditions elsewhere, but it certainly didn't let us down. In fact, after three great and filling visits this year alone, I'm starting to think Congee Village may never let me down. 8/10


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