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From New York to Costa Rica to Europe to California: 365 Days of Dining Out

Saturday, May 21, 2005

May 21.

Breakfast -

Veselka - 144 2nd Ave., East Village
Raspberry cheese blintz, sweet potato fries, a chocolate walnut brownie

I feel like I’m at Veselka as much as the staff. But as I’ve noted before, it’s where Vince and I usually head at the end of the night, to decompress, relax and talk. Going there has become as much about tradition and familiarity as the food, but after a series of disappointing meals (see May. 6, Feb. 21, Jan. 31) I was wondering if we shouldn’t start looking for something better.

Tonight won me back. I started with a raspberry cheese blintz, a food I grew up with and knew very well. The one here was delicious, with the warm cheese and raspberry sauce especially worth of praise. The applesauce and dusting of powdered sugar were also quite good. The side of sweet potato fries Vince and I split was another strong choice, the texture and taste of the vegetable making these fries a standout. Finally, I finished with a chocolate walnut brownie, which was a little too expensive and little too dry, but I didn’t regret getting it. I knew I’d be back at Veselka soon enough to try again. 6/10

Dinner -

Havana Chelsea - 190 8th Ave., Chelsea
Cubano grande, maduros (fried yellow plantains), white rice and black beans, a Morir sonando, some of Vince's Cuban tamal


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