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Thursday, May 26, 2005

May 26.

Dinner -

The Warsaw - 261 Driggs Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn
A plate of potato-and-cheese and mushroom-and-sauerkraut pierogies and kielbasa, a bottle of Zywiec

I can't really describe the Warsaw better than their tagline already does: "where pierogies meet punk." What more could you need to know? For one, it's my favorite concert venue in the city, with its huge room, thoughtful lineup and fun vibe. I also can't resist concluding a night waiting for the Bedford L with every hipster who's ever existed.

But really, what wins my heart most is that the Warsaw is located in the Polish National Home, and accordingly sells hearty Polish food during shows. Last time I was here, I had a plate of mushroom-and-sauerkraut pierogies between the Chromatics set and TV on the Radio's and it helped to make my night complete.

This trip to see the Decemberists on the final stop of their tour was even more special. Since I had actually been to Poland somewhat recently, the sight of white-labelled Zywiec (loosely pronounced "Zhiv-its") bottles came tinged with nostalgia. The split plate of pierogies and kielbasa brought back memories of eating the same dishes in the pastel-painted town square of Warsaw. The food at the concert was just as hearty and tasty as in Europe. The light-bodied beer was also a match. It was a cheap, delicious prologue to a terrific night of music, a reminder of what I love about Warsaw, here and abroad. 7/10


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