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Thursday, May 12, 2005

May. 12.

Dinner -

Dumpling Man - 100 St. Mark's Pl., East Village
Six steamed chicken dumplings with Cool Monster sauce

As I described in January (see Jan. 6), I’ve watched Dumpling Man evolve from infancy to neighborhood fixture, trying every innovation and sidestep as it appears on the menu. I still miss the calamari but happily greeted the spicy Red Monster sauce that gives the thick Northern Chinese dumplings a welcome kick. Now, responding to the sauce’s popularity, owner Lucas Lin has unleashed a new monster on the block.

Dubbed the Cool Monster, this sauce is cucumber-based with coconut milk, chili oil and an optional dollop of peanuts. A milky sea green, it sounded good and looked even more promising, so I ordered it on top of six steamed chicken dumplings. Right away, the Thai influence was undeniable, with both the coconut and peanuts making my mind leap to dishes like Massaman Curry. As with the Red Monster, I found my chopsticks involuntarily scraping against the paper basket after the dumplings had disappeared.

So where does this Cool addition rank? Of the three current options, I’d say that it’s the best yet. With a moderate level of spice, a taste of the tropical with the coconut and the refreshing mildness of cucumbers, it’s got the most complex flavor. I was thus happy to hear Lucas hinting that he’d upgrade this special to the standard menu. Now I can only wonder and wait to see what unexpected step Dumpling Man will take next. 7/10

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Blogger Robyn said...

As much as I love dumplings, I've never thought of going to Dumpling Man before, and when I do eat dumplings I don't give much consideration to the sauce. Hmmmm. Hmmmmmmm. That sauce sure does sound good...

Crap, now I want to go there.

6:02 PM  

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