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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Aug. 6.

Dinner -

Grimaldi's - 19 Old Fulton St., DUMBO
A large pepperoni, ham and mushroom pie; a large sausage, garlic and sun-dried tomato pie; a Brooklyn Lager

It was going to be my last night in New York for a long time. After so many prized meals in my favorite city in the world, I should have been agonizing over all of the possibilities. Instead, I called up my friends and told them to meet me at Grimaldi's. It was so simple and it seemed perfect: New York-style pizza at perhaps my favorite pizzeria in the city.

There are many reasons I love Grimaldi's, before you even get to the pies. There's the exquisite pepperoni and the red checkered tableclothes. There's the breathtaking view of the Brooklyn Bridge just down the street. I like the sweet smells of tomatoes, cheese and dough that permeate into the crowd whenever someone opens the door. I even enjoy the daunting line of tourists and locals that's permanently stationed outside of the restaurant, and the mood of anticipation they add to the air. But of course, all of that is only an appetizer to some really stunning coal-oven pizza.

Lindsay, Davin, Matt and I split two large pies, each one coming with three toppings. It was just the right amount of food for four very hungry people, and even I was surprised by how quickly it vanished. Making their first visit, all three of them were wowed by the famous blend of the crispy crust, the softer center, the delicate cheese and the terrific toppings. It again made me wonder what some Grimaldi's-bashers were talking about when they complained about uneven pies and mushiness. Maybe I've just been lucky, but over three visits and six pies, I've never had anything short of a phenomenon.

After our satisfying and delicious dinner, with my friends already talking about returning to Grimaldi's, we concluded the meal by walking across the bridge. Dusk was beginning to set in, tinging the sky with ribbons of purples and navies. I saw the building I was working in just the other day on the skyline. I saw the beauty in so many exquisite landmarks I'd taken for granted. As excited as I was to be embarking on a new stage in my life, it was going to be painfully hard to leave my city. With a great visit to Grimaldi's with some of my closest friends, with a stirring walk across the boroughs, I had ensured that I would have a terrific last night, but it was also a reminder of how much I would be missing. 9/10


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