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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Aug. 18.

Barcelona, Part Two - August is apparently the cruelest month. On our third day in Barcelona, we were all excited about checking out one of the city's premiere tapas bars, Cal Pep. We went early just to ascertain its location, only to learn that it's closed for the month of August. It was a disappointing blow, but luckily, I came armed with back-up. My friend Manny had raved to me about another tapas hotspot called Quimet y Quimet. Vince and I made the trek over to the Poble Sec stop and finally tracked down the street it was on. Although it was set to open at seven, the door remained close. We made another circle around the block and finally asked a waitress across the street. "They're on vacation until September," she explained in Spanish. We just shook our heads and limped away.

A few streets down, we consoled our tapas-free stomaches with doner kebap, which literally translates to "rotating meat." It's an Arabic lamb sandwich that's filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions (though I get mine "sin cebolla"), dressing and if you want, hot sauce. It was pretty incredible in Berlin, distinguished especially by the terrific bread. In New York, doner can be found in Turkish restaurants, but it's nowhere near as good, because the lamb comes pocketed in a pita instead of that wondrous bread. I was planning to wait until Germany, where doner kebab is said to be the best-selling fast food, and that may have been the right instinct. The doner in Barcelona was certainly not bad, but the flatbread wasn't quite there, there was too much of the ranch-y dressing, and the hot sauce barely registered. Another minor disappointment that night, if only by comparison, were the patatas bravas Vince and I sampled at a tapas bar afterward. We weren't all that hungry but we wanted to see if they could compare to the delicious ones served at Tia Pol. But no, they weren't crispy enough, the tangy sauce lacked tang and they seemed altogether ordinary.

Today, we reserved our tickets for Madrid and Granada at the train station and I made do with another bocadillo for lunch. This time, it was chicken and lettuce with mayonnaise. Once again, it was huge and filling, and came on a great crunchy baguette. We spent the day sightseeing visiting the Palau Nacional, the Olympic Stadium, Montjuic and the Botancial Gardens, taking in the gorgeous views of the city below us. We've been walking an incredible amount and drinking liters and liters of water. (A liter and a half of water today cost 21 cents, which is only about an American quarter.) Tomorrow, we've resolved to try our luck with tapas again. Gambas and chorizo only come to those who persevere.


Anonymous Cal said...

Please keep on posting your food and travel journey throughout your European trip! I have not had a chance to backpack to Europe when I was at your age, but would like to read about your experience!

2:01 PM  
Blogger The Yankee said...

It's a shame you missed Cal Pep, it is truely one of the greatest restaurants in the world.

Well at least when you get to France the vacation period will be over!

8:26 AM  
Blogger The Yankee said...

It's a shame you missed Cal Pep, it is truely one of the greatest restaurants in the world.

Well at least when you get to France the vacation period will be over!


8:28 AM  
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