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Monday, August 22, 2005

Aug. 20.

Barcelona, Part Three - On our last day in Barcelona, we went to Playa Barceloneta, a dark-sand beach at the base of the city. The water was a little too cold for swimming, but I wandered around the Mediterranean shore for a while. Despite the brisk wind, plenty of natives were tanning. It made for some of the best sightseeing of the trip. Afterward, Vince and I walked along sidestreets, ending up in the busy hub of Playa Catalunya. It´s located at the northern tip of Las Ramblas, the strip of walk that´s home to street performers, caricaturists, flower vendors and loads of tourists.

For dinner, we finally had our first tapas of the trip. After comparing prices at nearly every restaurant we passed, we ended up settling for a place just off of the Plaza called Edelmann. It seemed a little too central and Americanized to be too good, but the prices were the cheapest we found. (On this trip, that makes a difference.) Right away, we were pegged as Americans, given English menus, and a waiter fluent in English came by. We pressed on, alternating picks, ending up with a respectable variety of dishes. Vince chose the spinach omelette, the potatoes in aioli, and cod fritters. I picked the baby squid stuffed with beef, mushrooms sauteed with ham, and something mysterious called ¨la bomba picante¨or ¨the hot bomb.¨I also had a large mug of San Miguel beer.

The light omelette was pretty good as were the cod fritters, whose crunchy shells contrasted well with the meaty white fish. Neither of us liked or finished the potatoes, whose supposed aioli was really just unsalted mayo with dill. Vince was right to compare it to an unfinished potato salad. As for my selections, the squids themselves were tasty but the ground meat filling was not, the mushrooms were good but not interesting and the hot bomb was great, my favorite dish of the night. It turned out be a large fried ball of potatoes and meat, topped with a spicy sauce. It was new and exciting and one of the few things that stood out. Otherwise, we were left not exactly disappointed but at least underwhelmed. In a city famous for its food, we ended up with something decidedly average.

Luckily, that mediocrity was tempered by our two earlier meals. We´d been so enamored with the Mercat de la Boqueria, we ended up going back for our penultimate dinner and breakfast. Revisiting the various stands, we dreamt up the infinite combinations for all the possible sandwiches we could have. On the first go-around, we had chorizo pamplona, a bright red pork reminiscent of salami and queso ahumado, a smoked cheese that was similar to Gouda. The next time, we got smoked salmon and a soft, salty goat cheese. Both sandwiches were delicious and extremely affordable. It just goes to show some of the best meals are the ones you make yourself.


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