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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Aug. 26.

Granada, Part Two - To start our third day, we returned to the Mercado, revisiting all of the stands we'd hit the previous day. The proprietors recognized us and were even friendlier today. There was a real sense of community here. Afterward, we took our mild goat's cheese and fat-free ham to a bench in the park. I gave a bum some of my spring water for his dog, and he spent the next fifteen minutes raving about how America was destroying the world and how George Bush was evil. Unfortunately for my country, a lot of the non-bums I've talked to also share that opinion.

For dinner, we returned to the supermarket and pieced together more bargain sandwiches. Tonight, it was lomo (the pig's back) and a semi-cured sheep's cheese. In our effort to go upscale, we also upgraded from the 65 cent wine to a bottle for 1.26. It went just as quickly. Afterwards, we went to an Arabic teteria called Kasbah, that was decorated with billowing silks and colorful patterns. I had a pot of tea made from violets and we clapped along to the swaying beats as a beauitful bellydancer entranced the crowd.

On our last day, we got meat and cheese from a charcuterie, but both proved disappointing. The cheddar was painfully sharp and the chicken tasted processed and gross. At least, our bread was as good as ever. For dinner, as we wandered Granada's curving streets for the final time, I wqs determined not to repeat Barcelona and Madrid's mistakes. We laid our stakes on Kebab King, where I got a Shawarma Taj Majal, filled with yogurt, salad and pollo picante. The yogurt and salad were both great, but here, it was the very spicy chicken and hotsauce that won me over. Like Granada itself, the flavors lingered long after the meal was gone and I didn't mind at all.


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